Valérie Roger

My name is Valérie Roger and I am based in the Mayenne department and my business SOS Anglo was established 15 years ago with the aim of helping the English-speaking community with all aspects of living in France.


One focus of my business is property - from helping clients with an initial search for properties to the final signing of the purchase contracts. We are in contact with well-established estate agents and legal professionals and we want to make the process as stress-free as possible for you (we know how stressful these things can be!).


When you've purchased your property we can help with your relocation and facilitating the connection of utilities such as electricity, water, gas and internet.


My business was born from the love of helping people and my primary aim is to go the extra mile to help you. And sometimes that 'extra' something can make all the difference in making things happen!


I primarily work in the areas of 53, 61, 35, 50, 72, 85, and 14 but I can travel anywhere in France. 


I operate a transparent policy regarding fees - there will be no unexpected 'extras' so you won't find yourself with any unexpected bills for our services.