SOS Anglo Property Search

Are you looking for a property in France but you can't get here?

Would you like personalized, impartial information about properties to help you make a purchase decision?

Would you benefit from help with the purchase process every step of the way when you do decide to buy?


Then SOS Anglo can help!

Our expertise is helping foreigners with life in France and part of that service is helping them find a property, whether it is a permanent residence or a regular holiday home.


Our comprehensive services will help you find properties, assess their suitability with comprehensive information and, if required, conduct a viewing and provide an impartial report including full details and photos.


We can also help with the legal side and administration to complete the purchase.


This service is unique as we are not trying to 'sell' you a property and we are not an estate agent. Our aim is to make the process of finding and buying a property or selling it much easier. We do this with fixed fees for the services we provide so there are no extra hidden costs.

Property Search

We will search for properties according to your requirements, provide full details, view the property for you and provide an impartial detailed report, together with photos and videos.

Property Purchases & Sales

If you are buying or selling a property, we can help make sure everything goes smoothly, from checking the documents to accompanying you to the signing of the contracts.

Relocation Services

We can help with the connecting and disconnecting of essential utilities such as electricity, water, gas and internet. 

With Brexit, the buying and selling of properties has become a little more complicated, together with the rights of residency and other legal aspects. We can provide advice relating to all property matters and residency.